Becoming a Member

Taxation is constantly changing leaving the practitioner to keep up to date with continuing professional development [CPD]. It provides clarity and knowledge which is passed on to your client giving credibility to you and your organisation.

Members may use the designatory letters – CTP [Certified Tax practitioner]

We offer support to all those engaged in tax compliance services and associated activities in a world that’s rapidly changing; a very complex and daunting minefield.

If you’re in practice and want to let the world know what you stand for; engage with others and tell your point of view – then this is the place for you. Your opinion will count. You’ll find enough like-minded professional people wanting to promote their views and formulate their opinions from similar backgrounds. There’ll be oodles of information relevant to your cause where you’ll be able to join forces with professional people similar to yourself and compare notes. Our library of information is being assembled right now and be available soon.

Sharing responsibilities is helping you by associating ourselves with relevant networks and providers and passing on to you.

Becoming an atp member will give you the added security of knowing there is a partner at your side should you need help or advice that may require clarification

Any changes in tax and case laws can be answered through our newsletters.

CPD keeps us up to date with everything that’s happening; this will be available online shortly.

Our aim is always to raise awareness to our members: the ethical and proper accountability of taxation; sound business practice; CPD and the further advances in taxation. 

The atp operates a professional development programme

ATP members should keep up to date with current events as part of their continuing professional development [CPD] programme. Training and support is available through various online training forums including our own website.