Thank you - Membership Application

PLEASE PROVIDE ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS - such as copy certificates where applicable, an original letterhead with your Firm’s name on it.

Please send the correct fee* in support of this application. Upon acceptance members may pay joining fee and one year’s subscription in full: £560.00 plus £135 for each additional director/partner or by standing order £48.00 plus £12 [each additional director/partner] per month for a period of 12 months.

If not accepted, your fee will be returned in full.

You can submit copies of your credentials or post them to Association of Taxation Practitioners, Friars House, Manor House Drive, Coventry, CV1 2TE

* One-off joining fee of £75.00 per applicant

AML and GDPR Discounts

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  • AML Document Toolkit
  • AML Training Package
  • AML Document & Training Toolkit

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  • GDPR Policy Pack
  • GDPR Document Bundle
  • GDPR Document Toolkit
  • GDPR Training Package
  • GDPR Document & Training Bundle

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