Value Proposition

Value Proposition

What we’re about …

Representing members engaged in tax and accountancy related affairs.

We want to develop the realisation and fulfilment of one's talents and potentialities. We want to drive members ahead of the game and give them the freedom and attitude to develop their skills.

The fat cats and blue chip companies have everything at their disposal. We can form our own power-house by sharing our knowledge and taking decisive action – creating a competitive edge.

Here at the atp our aim is to give support to those members with the added convenience of a knowledge base at your disposal and so enable you to pass on those benefits to your clients.

ATP members are generally tax practitioners who make their services reasonably priced and available to small businesses. ATP members are committed to helping small businesses and individuals with a ‘can do’ attitude.

The atp is a meeting place for all taxation practitioners; to exchange ideas and transfer knowledge – a platform for stating your case.

We all support those professional practices to express our views on behalf of those we represent.

The world is getting smaller with the development of digital technology. We all need to be well informed and alert in addressing these challenges in an ever-changing economy.

Our membership will give us a platform to exert our opinions and adapt to change.

The atp is about sharing knowledge and passing on information to others making us become stronger. 

ATP wants the whole kit and caboodle for members who represent their organization and clients.

Collectively, we are stronger and can achieve our goals and objectives - and so become high achievers

The sky’s the limit.

… Our arrival

The atp came about by recognising a gap between professional recognition and a highly skilled labour market who felt out-of-the-way from their counterparts in bigger practices.

For those wishing to elevate themselves and be recognised – the atp a few years ago, put pen to paper and set goals for those in private practices who wanted to participate in and promote their professional know-how and skills.

The quest for knowledge and sharing experiences with others showed an aspiration to become more conspicuous in the market compared to those controlled by the larger bodies and multi-partnership practices.

We wanted to capitalise on Know-how and achieve a greater market presence. The atp decided to grab the bull by the horns and harness those under-represented members who need a partner at their side – the atp.

The result of all this was to form an association that could bring together its members and provide a repository of skilled labour in a professional market. Like-minded people, who have the talent and expertise but sometimes, are unable to corroborate their argument.

For members who wish to express themselves with the assistance of someone with more in-depth knowledge – hence the development of the atp.

The atp has a role in filling a gap between know-how and its application; and those with more practical and theoretical knowledge – so together, we forge a relationship, become stronger and more knowledgeable.

Our message is simple. Let’s get our heads together and become a depository of that knowledge-gap and then make it available to all members through interaction and sharing.

By sharing our knowledge we become stronger in our decision-making and more confident in illustrating our answers on complex issues.

We have added benefits to members with more in the pipeline..

Also, branch meetings are to be arranged. Members are encouraged to come forward should they wish to form their own groups.

Think of - Knowledge is power. Keeping ahead of the game is where we want to be. Stronger in numbers.